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Purpose of beowulf clusters is important

When you're planning a Beowulf, even if its just your first, the purpose is

Remember that you could be paralleling everything, not just a CPU.

15 machines with 15 CDRoms equals a "virtual CDRom tower" with 15 CDroms.

15 machines with 15 fast hard drives equals a heck of a lot of bandwidth
for high speed data acquisition.

15 machines with 15 "big" hard drives equals a huge virtual hard drive for
data storage.

15 machines with 100 meg ether cards plugged into an etherswitch with a
fast matrix equals (about) 1.5 gigabit per second of peak transfer rate.

15 machines setup to rip cds into mpegs could be pretty fast.  Lets say 1
machine could rip 2 cds per hour, 15 machines could rip 30 cds per hour, or
about one every 2 minutes.  Or with a fast enough network, cd reader, and
hard drive, you could rip the cd on one computer, and then encode all the
tracks in parallel, thus you could possibly rip a cd in about 3 minutes,
maybe, assuming a 52x cdrom can read an entire audio CD in 1 minute.

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