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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

 Hello, Turbo:

> A friend of mine said to try to use something called MOSIX (I've seen
> some reference to that here), but what exactly is that?

 A group of kernel parches that allow transparent load balancing by
migration of process. The migratrion is triggered by shortage of memory
of overload of CPU. It uses a distributed protocoll, and is fault
tolerant. I use Mosix on my cluster, on a production environment, nearly
one year ago, and it works fine.

 It is GPLed the whole system  -kernel parches and utilities-.

 See more at:


> 'True clustering system' was what my friend refered it to be... ?

 Yes. With Mosix all cluster work as a single SMP machine.



                David Santo Orcero

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