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Re: Packaged MPICH 1.2.0 for Potato

In 17 Jul 2000 14:35:38 -0400, de profundis Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> cum veritate scripsit

camm> Greetings!  Good to hear about your efforts.  Are you taking this
camm> package over from Mark Brown?  I know he had offered the package up
camm> for adoption.  If so, please let me introduce myself

I think I am taking the package over from Mark Brown...

camm> You might want to look at the alternative setup in the
camm> install scripts of the old package, if you haven't already.  Anyway, 
camm> I'd be happy to discuss any ideas you may have for mpi on Debian.

I have not yet tested it, yet, but it should work on the version I
packaged too... ?? I just have realized that update-alternatives doesn't seem to be
doing as I wanted it to be doing. 
Well, I think I need to look at it more.

First thing that comes to my mind will be to make a section
main/beowulf (or a better name would be more helpful). mpich is in main/devel and lam is in main/libs. That
doesn't help much, does it? Unless a newbie magically knows about
mpich or lam, he would have so much difficulty finding the
packages... ?


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