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Re: Why do the mpi packages depend on rsh, etc?

Camm Maguire wrote:

> Greetings!  I don't know about mpich, but lam does have support for
> using ssh in place of rsh.  The problem is is that the default is a
> compile time option, which can optionally be over-ridden at run-time.
> So in building a Debian package, one has to choose a default, (which
> should be rsh instead of ssh for most users, due to speed and the
> internal network topology of most clusters), and if a dependency is
> not made on that default, then the package simply won't work unless
> the user sets their LAMRSH environment variable.  I suppose one could
> duplicate lam-runtime into a lam-runtime-ssh, but this seems a bit
> excessive.  If you want to use lam with ssh, just install rsh, disable
> it in inetd, set LAMRSH="ssh -x", and you're ready to go!

Could I ask a clarification question?

It sounds like from a security/performance standpoint, heimdal might be the
optimal way to go- you get strong authentication and fast communication.  You just
have to run a kerberos server.

Or is there something I don't know about heimdal which would slow things down a
lot?  I don't believe it encrypts all communications, just the ticket verification
for authentication...

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