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Re: Startup documentation

Gaston Senac wrote:

> I am porting those scripts to Debian, and trying to build a Spanish site about the Beowulf thing... any help or resources apreciated :-)

That's great work! In fact, there are many resources lying around. For true Beowulf support in
Debian these resources must be merged and hacked for Debian. Many cluster related packages
are in potato, but lam, mpich and others just don't suffice to make Debian the os-of-choice
for making a beowulf.

I'll send my bookmarks to the list, collected as a result of my personal taste and research about
parallel programming.

> As far as I know... there's nothing strictly for Debian :-(
> Am I wrong?

No. There are no policies, or Debian specific software for parallel/distributed processing. It's just that there are a few libs and apps that work with
lam/mpich/pvm, and also stuff like dqs.
For instance, we don't have an official equivalent of the RH kickstart installation method for Debian.
There is neither an official remote package management stuff for Debian clusters. Though, that's
the kind of stuff you understand from "Debian Beowulf".

We're trying out FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) for Debian right now. I'll report on its success.


exa (aka Eray Ozkural)

PS: Anyway, Debian is *the* choice for your master node, even though you might install something
else on the nodes.

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