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Re: Startup documentation

Dear Andres,
	I am from Argentina, and new in this list too  ;-)

I have found an interesting document, actualy a draft HOWTO, about building a Disk-less Beowulf type cluster, but it's everything for RedHat 5.2

Beowulf Installation and Administration HOWTO
            Authors: Jacek Radajewski and Douglas Eadline

You will find it in different formats in that site. Also you can take a look at some interesting scripts from Jacek for building all the disk-less nodes easily:
Jacek Radajewski´s scripts:
sdct  (Set-up Disk-less Client Template)
adcn  (Add Disk-less Client Node)

I am porting those scripts to Debian, and trying to build a Spanish site about the Beowulf thing... any help or resources apreciated :-)

As far as I know... there's nothing strictly for Debian :-(
Am I wrong?

					Gaston Senac.
					Rioja 887 - 6*B,
					2000  Rosario, 
					Santa Fe,

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Andres Seco Hernandez wrote:

AndresSH >Hi all
AndresSH >
AndresSH >I am new in this list. I have been looking for info about installing a
AndresSH >BeoWulf in Debian. I have found this list, and after searching in the
AndresSH >mail archives i haven't found there somethig to start running it.
AndresSH >
AndresSH >is there any startup documentation?
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