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Re: Debian on non-Linux systems

"Bud P. Bruegger" wrote:
At 10:27 AM 11-02-00 -0500, Camm Maguire wrote:
>Greetings!  Personally, I think the debian-beowulf list should suit
>fine.  There isn't much traffic on this list in general, and I don't
>see why mpi et. al. related questions need be cross-posted to

Hi Camm,

I would like to avoid cross posting.  So far it went to 3 lists (deb-devel,
deb-beo, infrastructures) and this means that it becomes quite likely that
some people get several copies and that some people forget to crosspost to
all lists...  (I can't tell since the web achive of deb-devel doesn't seem
to get  updated very often...).  I would prefer to have a single list and,
if this is really wanted, have several lists subscribe to this if really
EVERYTHING is relevant...

We may be spamming anyway! But subscribing other lists is good, and makes
sense as far as the idea of recursion goes.

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