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Re: Debian on non-Linux systems

>> "Bud P. Bruegger" <bud@sistema.it> writes:

 > How politically incorrect would it be to do this on my machine (no
 > burocracy, fast, etc.) and subscribe all lists for cross posting?


 > I can realte to this since all I have inhouse is Debian/intel.
 > However, this said I believe that pulling in the extensive
 > experience of the infrastructures people will be help us a great
 > deal (now on infrastructures@terraluna.org).  So cutting them out
 > would be a petty.

*What* is this infrastructures list?  I have read the archive, but I
don't understand what it is about...

 > I doubt that many would subscribe to debian-beowulf--they are very
 > busy people (Steve Traugott who manages Netscape Communications
 > mentioned that his inbox has 4000 unread messages...).

This I don't understand.  debian-beowulf is low volume.  I'd pressume
infrastructures is not, since so many overworked people subscribe it.
So what you are proposing is to subscribe all the d-b subscribers to a
not-so-low volume list, whitout their consent?

 > Our Alessandro will try to wrap dpkg and possibly apt to install to
 > the global shared filesystem structure that I mentiond and possibly
 > play with Slink to see that you can run things this way.  I believe
 > the more brains will work on this, the cleaner, more eligant, and
 > more usable this will become...

Sounds about right.


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