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Beo section

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Camm Maguire wrote:

>  I'm really not sure that the 'weight' of the
> parallel computing function deserves a separate section.  What about

Yes, I understand your  point of view. You're right, I think. The introduction of
a new section has to be really needed. However it should be usefull to have *any*
help finding out which packages are available for doing parallel computing.
Initially I thinked that building a new section was the easy/best solution. Maybe
now I will think to other solutions.
The idea of the "package pool" is interesting, really. Unfortunately I wasn't
subscribed at time in which that was discussed in the devel ML. I've read
something with www, but now I have only a general idea. Maybe in the nexts months
(well, in the next millennium?!?)  I will take a closer look to that. But for what
I've read, with this database would be easy to select packages that conform to a
particular criteria, making it possible to build also a personal special
distribution. So selecting parallel packages should be possible and easy (if, of
course, the right informations will be written in the db...).

However, Thank you for the summary of packages, and Thank you for the talk.

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