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Re: beo packages...

Greetings, and thanks for your initiative here!  You know, while I
agree that being able to easily find parallel packages is a desirable
feature for Debian, I'm really not sure that the 'weight' of the
parallel computing function deserves a separate section.  What about
other special applications of Debian Linux?  Should there be a "high
availability" section, or a "load-balancing web server" section?  

I do think something is in order, but perhaps I'd suggest looking at
the "package pool" idea being implemented now.  The disadvantage here
is that this probably won't be ready for the next release.  But in the
long run, the idea of having a database suggest a list of packages for
a given use seems much more flexible, and doesn't put too much weight
on the "computational clustering" functionality, as important as that
might be to us personally. 

Anyway, just an idea.

There are a number of packages available now, but I'd guess there
number would be from 10-20.  I haven't made an exhaustive survey,
though.  Here are the ones I know of (several subpackages in each

various bandwidth testing utilities, though these have broader

Take care,

Marco Mililotti <09108480@spv22.ing.uniroma1.it> writes:

> Hi to everyone in the ML...
> In a previous talk, I proposed to put all the Beowulf stuff in a new
> separate category. I proposed the same to the devel ML, but seems that we
> need a good reason to separate things (and this is ok). May the good
> reason be "the number of packages available"?? Of course if we have a
> certain number of packages specifically for Beowulf clusters, it will be
> usefull and desiderable (?) to separate things. So some of you can tell me
> how many packages we have that could be put in this (now virtual)
> category??
> Or, better, have you any comment/suggestion ???
> Bye,
> tnx
> -- Marco Mililotti
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