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Re: Toc Toc... Someone's here...

On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 09:21:56PM -0400, Greg Johnson wrote:
> Does anyone know anything about GNQS (Generic NQS)?  I would like to use
> it as a replacement for DQS (since DQS is non-free and GNQS is GPL'd),
> but I found it confusing to set up.  I'm also not sure if it can cope
> with MPI/PVM jobs.

I looked at it about 18 months ago, but found it fairly unstable at that

> In my opinion, we are really lacking a good free (DFSG) queuing system.
> Perhaps I should look at GNU queue again.  Last time I looked at it, it
> wasn't really usable.

I'm fighting with queue right now. Use the 1.12.8 version. The 1.20.1pre4
is crap. I've been able to get it to work with MPI (what little I know aobut 
it), but it's not useable for PVM it seems.

> Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I'm currently using DQS, but I
> don't like it since it's poorly documented, unreliable, and non-free.

We used PBS for a while, and then switched to LSF, the commercial
batch system for the 205 nodes we have running for RHIC.


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