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Re: Toc Toc... Someone's here...

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Drake Diedrich wrote:

> Several parallel packages are already part of Debian: mpich, lam, pvm,
> xpvmpov, dqs, GNU queue, scalapack.  Some more that are either already
> sponsored (better hurry for potato..) or are waiting for a volunteer: bproc
> (complex, kernel mods), mosix (even more complex), xpvm, dipc, Perl-pvm, and
> probably hundreds more that I'm not aware of.

I'd like to help. I've been working for a while on a Beowulf prototype
(4 dual-CPU nodes, switched fast ethernet) and I'm using Debian.
I have experience in kernel driver development, Debian packages
development and Beowulf programming for scientific applications.

I ask the list: which packages need most a volunteer to maintain them?


Ciro Cattuto                                e-mail: ciro.cattuto@pg.infn.it     
University of Perugia - Physics Department          ciro@pluto.linux.it
INFN - VIRGO Project                         voice: +39 075 585 3060
PLUTO Linux Users Group                        fax: +39 075 44666

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