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Re: Lam2 on PowerPC

Greetings!  There is a known bug in the latest upstream stable lam,
which it sounds like you're running into here.  The developers have
sent me a beta, which works great here.  The have asked me to wait for
their next stable release before uploading to Debian.  I just sent
them a followup note on this.  If I don't hear back soon, I'll
probably upload the beta, as that seems to be the most stable version
I've yet encountered.

Take care,

Adrian Cox <apc@agelectronics.co.uk> writes:

> Is anybody running the lam2 MPI packages on PowerPC?
> When I run the netpipe (http://www.scl.ameslab.gov/netpipe/) benchmark
> between two machines with the -c2c transport option, I get a  SIGSEGV if
> I use -ger, or the program hangs if I use -nger.
> $ mpirun -c 2 -D  -v -ger -c2c ~/netpipe-2.3/NPmpi -- -P
> ...
>  23:        96 bytes 2267 times --> MPI process rank 0 (n0, p15673) got
> SIGSEGV in MPI_Recv.
> 7411 (n1) exited with status 1    
> I just upgraded to the latest lam2 in unstable, but the results remain
> the same.
> If I use the -lamd transport, the program runs correctly (but, of
> course, much slower).
> - Adrian Cox, AG Electronics
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