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Re: Sixth Android Tools Team Monthly Meeting

On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 01:08:11AM +0530, Samyak Jain wrote:
> The last Thursday of this month is about to knock on the doorstep. Hence,
> the time for the meet \0/
> More precisely, the sixth monthly meeting is scheduled for March 25, 14:00
> UTC (Thursday).

2021-03-25 samyak-jn, Manas kashyap, The_LoudSpeaker, _hc, Olek, sunilmohan, emorrp1, ebourg, cdesai

Agenda: gradle, kotlin, jdk8, GSoC, platform-tools

# kotlin

**action**: move kotlin to debian-java, as it's absolutely necessary for Debian 12
**Major blocker still kotlin-reflect.jar** needs someone with solid java/kotlin knowledge

https://salsa.debian.org/samyak-jn/kotlin/-/merge_requests/10 - thanks sunilmohan (RFP #757769)
If openjdk-8 is needed, it can be re-uploaded to unstable
Possible alternative bootstrap via old ant-built but compiled binaries likely broken

# gradle

no help from upstream so far https://github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/16439
even after removing gradle-enterprise, next build error is kotlin-dsl, but could be more after that

# platform-tools

platform-tools-latest:  https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/admin/-/issues/22
start with boringssl as that doesn't depend on any other android packages, and then keep adding packages.
Current goal is to simply move the package without making any other changes (no version updates) -
this should then limit it to only path changes accounting for the new package making it easier to manage.

Debian 11: updated android-platform-tools-apksig (apksigner)
GSoC: 2 students joined IRC, but not the jitsi
bazel: help wanted for 5 more needed for self build-dep (c.f. bazel-bootstrap), upstream supportive!!
	Debian Bazel Discussion List <debian-bazel@lists.debian.org>
apksigcopier: interesting for F-Droid https://github.com/obfusk/apksigcopier/

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