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Re: request to backport memtest86+

On 2022/10/31 17:04, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
What’s modern?

For PoV, I consider my work laptop (Thinkpad X61, ca. 2007) as
modern hardware, though my X31 or X40 which are only a little
older not.

That's old enough for old memtest to still work fine.

You can come up with many, many different standards and definitions of 'modern', and an X61 or X40 is modern in the sense that it uses transistors instead of valves, or that they use sata disks instead of pata disks (or wherever someone may draw a line), but in terms of what we'd expect from a modern computer made in the last decade or so, they are subjectively old. You'd expect things like EFI, nvme availability, 64 bit capability, etc in a typical machine someone uses as their daily driver these days.

I've run into memtest issues on some newer (as in, bought 3 years ago) machines that's solved in newer versions of memtest, so solving some issues with a newer version in backports is certainly something that I think will benefit a significant amount of users.


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