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Re: request to backport memtest86+

Il 31/10/2022 15:02, Felix Zielcke ha scritto:
Hello all,

DMs can't upload to backports right?
Would be nice if somebody could upload the new memtest86+ v6.00 to
bullseye-backports. No changes needed.

The one in bullseye is now very old and doestn't work correctly on
modern systems.

Please CC me, I'm not subscribed to the list.


backport of 6.00 is a good idea and useful

upload to backports that require DD should be only for upload to NEW (first upload and new binaries) and other should be possible also in it with DM upload allowed but need to be added also to backports ACL if I not wrong (for now all my upload to backports was sponsored by a DD)

tomorrow I'll prepare the branch for the bullseye-backports (should be very fast with very few small changes like what I did for freeipmi), or if you want you can do it

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