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Backporting openrct2


  I'm planning to upload a backported version of openrct2 (along with
openrct2-objects and openrct2-title-sequences) to bullseye-backports. A
couple of weeks ago Phil Morrell (CC'ed) requested that the package be
backported, and from my hosting of unofficial backports I see roughly
15 unique downloads when a new version is released, so I think there is
sufficient interest in having a backported version.

  The upstream openrct2 project is very active; each new release
includes many new features and bug fixes, even though the version
number is not increasing that quickly. I would expect there to be a
desire for the foreseeable future to have current versions of openrct2
backported to the stable version of Debian.

  I am the package maintainer, and am happy to take care of the
backported version as well. It's a trivial rebuild on bullseye from the
version in testing, so it won't be much more effort on my part. I'll be
submitting a RT ticket to be added to the backports ACL.


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