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Re: libreoffice-common: package conflicts

On 5/18/22 7:14 AM, Rene Engelhard wrote:
/usr/bin/soffice (and maybe others I forgot).

The files simply conflict.

I checked the list of files that OpenOffice 4.1.12 .deb package install.

The downloaded current file for Debian 64 bit is:

Once extracted has two parts:
en-US/DEBS    (with applications)
en-US/DEBS/desktop-integration   (icons,mime,links)

All the "applications" *.deb in extracted
(are 41 DEB files)
install file only in /opt/openoffice4/
so no file conflicts here.

The optional package:
extracted in:
contain other files:

plus some links:
/usr/bin/soffice -> /opt/openoffice4/program/soffice
/usr/share/applications/openoffice4*.desktop -> /opt/openoffice4/*
/etc/openoffice4 -> /opt/openoffice4

The only conflicting link is:
/usr/bin/soffice -> /opt/openoffice4/program/soffice
conflicting with:
/usr/bin/soffice -> /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice

I saw the package 'libreoffice-common' has set a rule as so:
Conflicts: openoffice.org-unbundled

I think the deb rule should point to real conflicting package:
so avoiding to install the latter, let users install both applications from deb, or better LibreOffice from repository and OpenOffice from distributed .deb
My 'reportbug' point to this.

BTW: I used StarOffice from the time of Sun Solaris on Sparc Station (pre 2000) and everywhere after, the link:
was always part of StarOffice and then OpenOffice package.
So, while I'm in favor of GPL license of LibreOffice, I'm not against OpenOffice, and about the conflicting link, my opinion is that the link
should be reserved to OpenOffice as was before.
LibreOffice should use:
bash script to be started.

Please reconsider this package conflict rule

best regards,
thank you

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