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Updating ansible backport to 2.10


The current version of ansible in bullseye is 2.10.7+merged+base+2.10.8+dfsg-1, but the version in buster-backports is 2.9.16+dfsg-1~bpo10+2. I don't know how (or if) minor updates like these are carried out in stable-backports, but it might be beneficial to rebuild the package for buster-backports.

I have already done so for my employer's APT repository. It was a simple dget, dch --bpo, pdebuild and dput. Feel free to check out my build: https://ftp.ciphermail.com/debian/pool/main/a/ansible/ansible_2.10.7%2Bmerged%2Bbase%2B2.10.8%2Bdfsg-1~bpo10%2B1.dsc

Kind regards,

Imre Jonk

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