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Buster backport for botocore


The version of botocore currently available in Debian stable (buster) is too old to know about IMDSv2.  In order to continue deploying to Debian stable I need to build a stable backport from the version available in testing, so I thought I might as well go ahead and create an official one instead of just a local build.  This seems like something that would impact a lot of users who are using AWS.

I was able to build the stable backports package by following the instructions here, but I can't upload it since I'm not a Debian Developer.  I'm pretty new to the Debian contribution process, so could someone tell me what my next step(s) should be to get this backport rolling?

Thank you,
Shane Frasier
Cyber Assessments
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Cell: 703-295-2034 | Email: jeremy.frasier@trio.dhs.gov

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