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redmine - upgrade from stretch to buster, using buster-backports


I'm not sure if this is the right place, or if I can adequately explain what happened ...

I'm upgrading a stretch system to buster. It has redmine, which doesn't exist in buster, so after the initial upgrade, and before the full-upgrade (which wanted to remove redmine), I added buster-backports to my sources.list. After a lot of playing around to try and get it to work, I eventually ran "apt-get install -tbuster-backports redmine redmine-pgsql". That ran, but gave an error that it couldn't find the gem rmagick. I found that ruby-rmagick was upgradeable, so I upgraded it and tried again. Now redmine finished installing.

I suspect that this means redmine should declare a dependency on the newer ruby-rmagick? Currently it depends on >= 2.14.0, while buster has 2.16.0-6 and stretch has 2.16.0-2+b1.

I guess this normally doesn't get hit, because people install the backported redmine on an up-to-date buster system, rather than trying to combine it with an upgrade ...

Regarding the earlier issues - is there a way to tell apt(-get) to pick a particular package from backports during a full-upgrade?

I'm still to see if redmine still works ...


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