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Re: libreoffice 7 backport is requirung openclipart backport


See ` apt-cache show  libreoffice-common/buster-backports`
Conflicts: …openclipart-libreoffice (<= 1:0.18+dfsg-17)…

So installations with installed openclipart support couldn't be upgraded due to the missing backport of openclipart.

Clearly to solve this issue openclipart in buster-backports has to be upgraded to solve the issue finally.
I filled this report against libreoffice because here the unsatisfied dependency is introduced.

For myself I backported openclipart locally from bullseye without any applied changes.
But for ordinary debian users the current situation means that the old libreoffice 6 package will still stay forever.
Which is bad, because also no security updates will be installed before openclipart is updated in buster-backports.

Feel free to reassign to another team, if that team solves the dependency conflict.

Best Regards,

H.-Dirk Schmitt

Am Sonntag, den 30.08.2020, 09:28 +0200 schrieb Rene Engelhard:

if at all, this would be a bug in openclipart since openclipart needs
the update. No bug in LO.

Am 27.08.20 um 20:35 schrieb H.-Dirk Schmitt:
Package: libreoffice
Version: 1:7.0.1~rc1-1~bpo10+1
Severity: serious
if at all, this would be a bug in openclipart since openclipart needs
the update. No bug in LO.
The newly available backport of libreoffice 7 in buster requires an updated
openclipart package not available in buster and buster-backports.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 libreoffice-common : Breaks: openclipart-libreoffice (<= 1:0.18+dfsg-17) but
1:0.18+dfsg-15 is to be installed

No, it doesn't.

It *conflicts* against the old one, it doesn't *require* the new one.

(Reason is 

And openclipart is pure data, you can just install it from testing

Otherwise you can ask for openclipart to be backported,. but given that
openclipart does not have a maintainer...

I will for sure not do it myself.



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