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Re: Bug in backported openshot-qt


it looks like a bug, which has nothing to do with the packaging. I would recommend you to reproduce it
in another environment or file an upstream bug.

Best regards


Am Di., 18. Aug. 2020 um 21:58 Uhr schrieb Boyuan Yang <byang@debian.org>:

在 2020-08-17星期一的 17:18 +0200,Ronny Standtke写道:
> Hi all
> I just installed openshot-qt from buster-backports and noticed that I
> can no longer resize clips in the timeline. Usually the mouse cursor
> changes to something similar to this poor ACSII art   <=>   when
> hovering over the start or end of a clip and one can just drag and drop
> the borders of clips.
> Can you reproduce this bug or am I doing something wrong?

Since the backported package was uploaded by the original package maintainer
of openshot-qt, I am forwarding your email to those maintainers.

Boyuan Yang

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