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Backport printer-driver-ptouch to stable, need advice on package uploading

Hello All,

I backported the package `printer-driver-ptouch' from testing to
buster. This package is an open source driver for Brother brand label
printers in cups. I recently happened to have a new Brother brand
label printer, PT-E550W. And it is not supported in the Debian buster
10.5 shipped `printer-driver-ptouch' version 1.4.2-3; but is supported
in version 1.5.1-2, which is already shipped in Debian testing. Thus,
I backported version 1.5.1-2, and compiled it on Debian buster.

I would like to have this backported package be added to the official
pool of Debian Backports. But I am not sure whom I should ask. Thus, I
ask here. I am not a Debian developer or Debian maintainer. I would
like to maintain the backport package if it is needed.

For now, I put my work on GitHub. Please take a look. Any comments are


Please notice that the binary package has the file name
printer-driver-ptouch_1.5.1-2~bpo10+1_amd64.deb. It seems GitHub does
not support character Tilde (~) in the uploaded release file name, it
was converted to character Dot (.) by GitHub automatically.


GONG Jie (龚颉)

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