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Re: getting access to upload to bpo

30.07.2020 13:07, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> Hi!
> About a week ago, at Jul-23, I tried to upload a backport
> of a package to bpo10 (buster-backports). It was my first
> attempt at buster, but before I used to backport many pkgs
> to earlier releases.  But the upload were rejected due to
> no matching ACLs found. So I requested to be granted access,
> using RT.d.o ticket mechanism, again in Jul-23.  It is
> [rt.debian.org #8355].
> No since there was no reaction to this ticket, I wonder if
> I did something wrong.  How can I have upload access to
> buster-backports?

It finally happened, and now I do have access to bpo10 upload.



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