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Re: Roundcube Webmail 1.4.5

>We got a question about timeline, which your response turned into a 
>criticism of package maintainer.  If you cannot play well with the 
>package maintainer then you should seriously reconsider your work on 
>backporting: Backporting should be an _extension_ to mainline Debian 
>packaging, not in competition to it!

Certainly. However, it was the mainline maintainers of Roundcube who refused to work with me in the first place, not the other way around. I actually tried to collaborate with them, multiple times. On the first try, their broken communication channels and failure to accept mail from fellow DDs prevented that, on the second try, after the backport was already there, they explicitly locked me out.

I would prefer collaborating with them in a reasonable way, like I do for quite a big count of other backports which are all maintained in close cooperation with the mainline teams, but in this case, the mainline team thinks their team should be closed to outsiders and if they do not accept mail on their maintainer address, I have to find other ways to contact them on my own. If I do not agree, they do not accept contributions from me.

This is why I am stating this here — it is not what I think should happen.

But in any case, if that team now takes care of the backport, I can just fail over to ignoring it entirely.


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