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Re: expiration of jessie-backports Release files

On Wed, 3 Apr 2019, Vincent.Mcintyre@csiro.au wrote:

> Perhaps I should raise it with the team that manages archive.d.o ?

I've tried that, in several variations, and always got the response
that those repositories are there just for archival, and there will
be no change to them.

> But consider the context these Release files are in now - an archive
> which won't be updated into the future. The packages are there,

I've had the idea of adding a feature to apt to allow whitelisting
of known-good Release.gpg files (or InRelease signature snippets),
which it would then treat (after first manually acknowledging it,
perhaps) as a valid signature and no expiry time, for precisely
these archived systems, then retrofitting that onto all SecureAPT
releases (sarge-backports, etch, and newer).

I've not yet done any coding into that direction (lack of time,
got enough hobby projects already).

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