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Re: icinga2 backport?

On 9/30/18 11:20 AM, Chris Boot wrote:
> On 30/09/18 09:48, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 9/30/18 10:35 AM, Chris Boot wrote:
>>> I'd find it very useful if there was an icinga2 backport from buster to
>>> stretch-backports. In particular the performance improvements and new
>>> certificate signing workflow would be useful, but I could see myself
>>> using the Elasticsearch plugin at some point too.
>>> icinga2 2.9.1 builds cleanly against stretch; I've been building my own
>>> backports for a little while and haven't run into trouble. I don't
>>> expect 2.9.2 to be any different.
>>> icingaweb2 would probably be nice for other users but I don't use Debian
>>> packages for that.
>>> I'm happy to do the backporting myself if you prefer; just let me know.
>> Please coordinate with the Nagios team
>> <pkg-nagios-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>.
> Of course!

Don't forget to change the branch in the gbp.conf & Vcs-Git URL if you
haven't done so already.

>> Not backporting icingaweb2 along with icinga2 is a bit of a disservice
>> to icinga2 users. They still need to keep using the upstream repository
>> if they want current versions of both on stretch.
> I agree, hence I suggested it should probably also be backported at the
> same time.

Yes, especially since upstream has deprecated the StatusDataWriter which
will be removed in Icinga 2.11, so the Icinga 1.x CGI has limited
lifetime left.

>> Why aren't you using the icingaweb2 packages? They are pretty much
>> identical to the upstream sources.
> I've been using the upstream packages for some time. I could easily
> switch to the Debian packages now, but I'm in the process of moving my
> icingaweb2 service into Kubernetes instead.
>> If your going to backport icinga2, you must at least maintain your
>> stretch-backports branch in the git repository. Hence you should first
>> join the nagios-team on Salsa.
> I'd be happy to do that, unless someone else would prefer to do it
> themselves. I've just requested access to the nagios-team on Salsa.

You've been added to the team with Developer permissions to allow you to
commit to the repos.

Kind Regards,


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