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Re: icinga2 backport?

On 9/30/18 10:35 AM, Chris Boot wrote:
> I'd find it very useful if there was an icinga2 backport from buster to
> stretch-backports. In particular the performance improvements and new
> certificate signing workflow would be useful, but I could see myself
> using the Elasticsearch plugin at some point too.
> icinga2 2.9.1 builds cleanly against stretch; I've been building my own
> backports for a little while and haven't run into trouble. I don't
> expect 2.9.2 to be any different.
> icingaweb2 would probably be nice for other users but I don't use Debian
> packages for that.
> I'm happy to do the backporting myself if you prefer; just let me know.

Please coordinate with the Nagios team

Not backporting icingaweb2 along with icinga2 is a bit of a disservice
to icinga2 users. They still need to keep using the upstream repository
if they want current versions of both on stretch.

Why aren't you using the icingaweb2 packages? They are pretty much
identical to the upstream sources.

If your going to backport icinga2, you must at least maintain your
stretch-backports branch in the git repository. Hence you should first
join the nagios-team on Salsa.

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