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Re: Pbuilder problem

> What is the correct way to modify the chroot?  I have tried things like:
> mkdir /tmp/test; cd /tmp/test/
> tar zxpf /var/cache/pbuilder/stable-amd64-base.tgz
> nano etc/apt/sources.list
> tar cfz ../stable-amd64-base.tgz .
> Is this a good way?
> It does not work, I get now:
> ----
> I: Extracting source
> /sbin/start-stop-daemon: unable to start /bin/sh (Permission denied)
> E: pbuilder: Failed extracting the source
> ----
> Not sure what this is.
> What I saw, is that stable-amd64-base.tgz has in sources.list lines with
> "stable", but for backports it has "jessie-backports"!  I have changed that.
> When I run:
> sudo pbuilder --create --distribution stretch
> It's creating a testing-amd64-base.tgz
> When I try to login with:
> pbuilder --login --distribution stable
> I see it's using testing-amd64-base.tgz
> Very confusing. Is there something wrong on my system, is this a bug, or
> is this normal?

May be it also needs the --basetgz option, don't know.
I guess these 2 links might be helpful:

 - https://wiki.debian.org/cowbuilder
 - https://wiki.debian.org/PbuilderTricks


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