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Re: Re: Syncthing to jessie-backports

First I want to say apologies regarding to inconvinience that my post
may have brought up.

I have to admit that I wasn’t full aware about the differences between
backports and backports-sloppy, sorry about that. I understand that it
may need huge efforts and significant commitment to keep package
up-to-date for the oldstable especially when new stable distribution has
been released. Therefore I think that suitable solution would be to
backport stretchs stable version to jessie-backports (if I understood
correct that need only be done once). Of course I will be more than
happy to welcome jessie-backports-sloppy version package to the jessie
users, but because I think stretchs stable version would be suitable for
needs of most Syncthing users, that probably would be enough.

I also sent an email to Syncthing maintainers (Debian Go Packaging Team
pkg-go-maintainers-owner@lists.alioth.debian.org) so they get
information about the request and can consider backporting.

About the off-topic of my distribution choices I just say that because I
use “old” AMD APU CPU&GPU, I’m getting terrible 3D performance or not
performance at all (game don’t even start) with FOSS-drivers on rare
occasions when I decide to play something on my desktop computer. So I’m
stuck with proprietary drivers (fglrx) which are no longer supported by
AMD or Debians stretch distribution. On my two laptops, I use stretch.

Best Regards,
Petteri Helminen

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