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Re: Bug#878926: Users of btrfs-progs from stretch-backports will need a bpo of btrbk (>= 0.25.1)

Dear Backports Team,

I'm not sure if Axel Burri is interested in maintaining a
stretch-backport of his package btrbk (I asked, an am waiting for a
reply).  As part of my continuing updates of a btrfs-progs backport I
plan to upload a version >> 4.12 (specifically 4.13.3); however,
btrbk-0.24.0-1 in stretch is incompatible with btrfs-progs (>= 4.12).

Btrbk was not in the archive when I began maintaining a
jessie-backport of btrfs-progs, and I have no interest in maintaining
a bpo of btrbk.  Would someone on the team please consider maintaining
one if Axel isn't interested?


Thank you,

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