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Telegram-Desktop segfault

Dear dev,
the newly backported package telegram-desktop fails to start due to a segfault.

Here the relevant lines in log:
[2017.09.29 17:55:53] Font Error: could not locate 'Open Sans Semibold' font in ':/gui/fonts/OpenSans-Semibold.ttf'.
[2017.09.29 17:55:53] Could not load 'appindicator3' with version 1 :(
[2017.09.29 17:55:53] Error: failed to load 'gdk_set_allowed_backends' function!

I really don't understand the line about Open Sans Semibold, which is regularly installed in my system.

This issue seems to be related with Debian Bugs #862312 and #859172

Thank you very much,

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