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Re: Backports for packages that do not need recompile?


* Alexandre Rossi <alexandre.rossi@gmail.com> [2017-08-16 09:25:40 CEST]:
> I remember reading some time ago in the backporting rules that for
> packages which debs from unstable can be installed as is in stable,
> they should not be included in that <stable>-backports suite. However,
> I cannot find any ressource about this anymore, either on the Debian
> wiki[1][2] or in the backports rules[3].

 That was the standing several years ago but has been revisited over

> 1) Do nothing and instruct users to install those from unstable using
> apt pinning

 apt pinning might work if it's just for individual use, but if it's for
more people a backport might still make sense.

> 2) Upload a new version to <stable-backports> changing only the upload
> suite (waste of archive space?)

 And the version. :)  Not so much a waste of space but the way to make
users have it more generally available.

> 3) Include unstable version without any change to <stable-backports>
> (upload the exact same build, this is what I do on my personal
> repository).

 That's not possible within our repositories I'm afraid.

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