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Re: Libreoffice i386 is not updated as other architectures

On 29.06.2017 14:31, Rene Engelhard wrote:
On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 11:26:32AM +0200, Rpnpif wrote:
Libreoffice is 1:5.2.5-1~bpo8+1 released for i386 in
jessie-backports instead of 1:5.2.7-1~bpo8+1 for other architectures.

Is there a reason?

Yes, the obvious reason that it failed its testsuite on i386:

(And since it's not security-related and not time-critical I didn't bother. Especially
since people by now should have hardware amd64-capable...)

Even though I'm on amd64-capable cpu and have :amd64 kernel installed, I cannot install libreoffice:amd64 without converting whole system do amd64 as it is not multiarch-compatible (e.g. libreoffice:amd64 depends on libreoffice-java-common:amd64, and it is not available [it is arch:all package, but not marked as m-a: foreign]; and there are a lot of similar problems; besides, there are python dependencies, and python is inherently not m-a friendly, and I'm sure much more).

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