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Re: Latest openssl 1.0.2 for Jessie backports

Hi Sebastian,

On 06/28/2017 01:43 PM, Sebastian Andrzej Siewior wrote:
This backport is meant as a drop-in replacement for openssl package in
Jessie which provides additional features like ALPN (used by nginx bpo).

I consider OpenSSL a core library that I personally would prefer Debian to not provide a backport for. There are way too many depending packages that could potentially get impacted by subtle unintended behavior changes. For that reason I would consider a OpenSSL backport (in the form of a drop-in replacement) a disservice to our users.

If I understand you correctly, the motivation behind backporting OpenSSL is to provide the OpenSSL features (like ALPN) that are needed for a nginx backport. Correct?

If that is the case, I'd rather suggest to disable the nginx feature that depends on the new OpenSSL feature in the backport. That way you can provide a nginx backport without having to backport OpenSSL first.


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