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Re: Certbot excessive logging

On 02/11/2017 09:36 PM, SaintGermain wrote:
> Excessive was not the correct word, sorry.
> I didn't understand that systemd was involved.
> I will change the Loglevel, thanks for the explanation.

I would recommend against that: if something goes wrong, then
systemd not logging what it's doing is going to make it very
difficult to figure the problem out if the log messages are
not actually generated.

You are annoyed by your automated log analysis tool (be it
logcheck or something else) sending you these messages every
12 hours, not by the messages being present in the log
themselves. I would really recommend you alter your filtering
solution and not the log level of systemd, because the latter
will come to bite you one day. (There's a reason why cron
syslog messages are typically filtered in automated checking
solutions and not completely suppressed.)

IMHO, of course.


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