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Re: Kicad Installation Issue Regard Of 4.0.4 Its Only Install 4.0.2 In Debian Jessie 8.5

Hello Aravind,

[-project removed, since this is not on topic there; added backports

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 08:54:40AM +0530, ARAVIND B KUMAR wrote:
> Hello Sir
> This Is Aravind From India
> We Are Try To Install Kicad 4.0.4 In Debain Jessie 8.5 But It Only Install
> 4.0.2

That version is the version in backports.

> Can You Please Help Us How To Install Kicad 4.0.4 In Debian Jessie 8.5 We
> Are Try To Build And We Try Using PPA But It Install Only Kicad 4.0.2

The term "PPA" is a Ubuntu-originated term, and is therefore not Debian.
Using actual PPAs from Ubuntu on a Debian system may be positively
harmful. What you probably mean is that you enabled the
"jessie-backports" archive.

The version you want is currently available in Stretch, which is the
requirement for a backport to be updated. I don't know who uploaded
kicad to backports, but it's possible that this person (who should be
reading the -backports mailinglist which I added to Cc of this mail)
might want to update it to the version in Stretch?

Failing that, you might consider upgrading to Debian Stretch. While that
has not released yet, it may be a good option for a personal home
desktop; using Debian Stretch is certainly a supported configuration,
and it does contain the version of kicad that you're looking for.


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