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Request lvm2 > 2.02.112


I'm facing a huge problem getting docker (v 1.11) running in a complete
manner in Jessie.

First of all. Kernel 3.16 packaged with Jessie does not include
CONFIG_CFS_BANDWIDTH, but the backported kernel (4.6) does.

But what it not supports is AUFS. Anyway, one could use DEVICEMAPPER
(direct-lvm) instead. Which is nowadays the preferred way. Note: AUFS is
the original one and has the same recommendation.

With DEVICEMAPPER (direct-lvm) you are faced with another problem
mentioned in this thread https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/15629

lvm2 package (2.02.111) in Jessie has no clue about to update the
transaction_id when docker does updates on thin provisioned lvm volumes.
This results in a crude hack; You have to backup your lvm meta data and
restore it after you whether do a reboot (lvchange) or alter lvm config
(lvextend) in any manner.

This is some kind of annoying, because this detains everyone from using
docker in production mode with Jessie as host.

Jessie kernel maintainers are claiming not to support
(https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=789019) so one has to
go for the backported kernel, but this lacks AUFS...

By using the backports kernel one is forced to use lvm-direct which
suffers from the above mentioned problem.

So there's no suitable configuration to run docker with debian jessie as
host and have the complete feature set that btw. centos7 has :-(


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