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Re: Removal of obsolete OpenStack source packages from bpo

    Hey. :)

* Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> [2016-07-12 11:31:25 CEST]:
> As previously written here, a few source packages needs removal from
> jessie-backports, as they have been renamed. It's not a problem as the
> binaries are still there. Here's the list:
> oslo-config
> oslo.messaging
> oslo.rootwrap

 Thanks, removed them.  dak though gave me a bit of dependency problems,
so can you check in a day or such when they are really gone from the
archive if there is something missing, namely maybe binaries or such?
That would be really useful.

> And I also added a few packages that were not in jessie-backports yet
> (these are in the NEW queue):

 Trying to catch them currently.

> At this point, I went through all of the PKG OpenStack QA page, and
> checked that everything really is up-to-date in jessie-backports. The
> only thing I couldn't do just yet, is an actual installation test using
> exclusively the jessie-backports repository.

 Well, that's never doable before packages are accepted.  A dpkg -i
should help you with your prepared packages though to work around that
and get things tested.  I guess you are very well aware of that and did
that indeed, but better safe than sorry.

> However, tempest functional tests are all working using the unofficial
> jessie-backports of OpenStack Mitaka, and the packages there should be
> the same (it's just a different rebuild, but the sources are
> identical).

 Hmm, that rather sounds like you didn't test with your self built
packages.  Do you prepare the sources for there too so that the
confidence in that is justified, do you take the sources from there to
just upload to backports?  I'm curious on the workflow here, more out of
interest than anything else.

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