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dbgsym packages and backports


how should we (backports) handle packages that build the new dbgsym
packages? (CCing Niels who sent the announce mail[1].)


Debhelper in jessie-backports (9.20150101) doesn't support this. Is
anybody planning to backport debhelper for jessie-backports?

Even with a newer debhelper I guess there are infrastructure changes
needed. Are there any plans for whatever is needed to support them? I
saw only posts about testing and stable(=stretch) requiring changes in

What would happen without infrastructure adapted, but debhelper
backported? Would dbgsym packages just be ignored, or would this cause
errors? AFAIK debugsyms are currently only available for unstable and
experimental[2], so for jessie-backports with a backported debhelper the
same might happen as for stretch currently (whatever this is).

Specifically, current backporting practices:

I am working on wine 1.8-2 (not yet in stretch) for jessie-backports.
This package has removed the -dbg package from debian/control and now
has in debian/rules:

  dh_strip -Xwine-pthread -Xwine-kthread
    --ddeb-migration='libwine$(VERSION)-dbg (<< 1.8-2~)'

Previously it had:
  dh_strip -Xwine-pthread -Xwine-kthread

Reverting this change to bring back the -dbg package wouldn't work for
later updates from jessie-backports to stretch. (Unless we update the
ddeb-migration-version, which adds a versioned Replaces/Breaks, with
every upload to unstable).

I doubt that we want to ship unstripped binaries.

So I think I'll just remove the override_dh_strip completly. Thus the
binaries will be stripped, but the debug symbols will be discarded.

The -dbg package has a versioned depends, so it will be uninstalled on
update. I guess there is no need to add a Replaces/Breaks in libwine.

Is this plan ok as long as no newer debhelper is available?

Greets and thanks everyone!

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2015/12/msg00262.html
[2] http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/debian-debug/dists/

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