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Re: Backporting ikiwiki

 ❦ 10 janvier 2016 17:01 +0100, Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org> :

>> > The .deb of ikiwiki in testing/unstable is installable on stable, and I
>> > intend to keep that true (it doesn't contain any compiled code, so there
>> > are no ABI issues). My own "production" ikiwiki installation uses
>> > ikiwiki from unstable on an otherwise stable/backports system, and I
>> > test new ikiwiki versions that way before uploading them to unstable.
>> > 
>> > My understanding had been that the backports ftp-masters prefer not to
>> > have rebuilt software included in backports if the .deb in testing could
>> > just have been installed on stable without recompilation, which is true
>> > here.
>> Okay.  If that's the policy then a backport would indeed be
>> inappropriate.
> Thats a guideline, not a strict policy. If the package is interesting enough,
> we will happily accept it in backports. I would say ikiwiki is one of
> them. 

This is an odd guideline. How should such a package be installed? By
adding a testing sources.list and taking the risk of pulling unwanted
dependencies from testing (unless the user is comfortable with pining)?
Manually retrieving the .deb and installing it with dpkg (how to get
updates)? How a user would know if a package from testing is suitable to
use in stable?
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