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Re: Backporting ikiwiki

On 10/01/16 00:44, Sean Whitton wrote:
> Do you mind if I prepare and submit for sponsorship a backport of
> Ikiwiki version 3.20150614 for jessie-backports?  See bug #807452.

Sorry I didn't reply to the bug before now.

The .deb of ikiwiki in testing/unstable is installable on stable, and I
intend to keep that true (it doesn't contain any compiled code, so there
are no ABI issues). My own "production" ikiwiki installation uses
ikiwiki from unstable on an otherwise stable/backports system, and I
test new ikiwiki versions that way before uploading them to unstable.

My understanding had been that the backports ftp-masters prefer not to
have rebuilt software included in backports if the .deb in testing could
just have been installed on stable without recompilation, which is true

If I'm wrong about that policy, I'd prefer to handle the backports
myself (which wouldn't need sponsorship), to ensure that backports
doesn't lag behind testing in future. If I do that, I'll test the
proposed backport on stable/backports at release time, then delay
uploading it until the new upstable version reaches testing. It would be
great if there was an upload queue which would do this automatically.

You are of course very welcome to participate in ikiwiki
development/maintenance, which mainly takes place upstream


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