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Backport of wxMaxima fom testing to Jessie

Dear all,

I did just get a request (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=796954) to backport the new wxMaxima version to Jessie.

wxMaxima is a powerful gui for the program maxima that is specialised in solving equations not by finding the number that solve them (even if it will do so, if requested) but by finding an equation that does do so. It knows how to differentiate equations, has a reasonably powerful solver for equations and is even find to find solutions for most differential equations and integrals one will be confronted with.

I have to admit that the bug reporter is right: The old version that is provided with Jessie is very buggy and really crashes constantly. 

=> Did upload the package to mentors.debian.org:

...and am requesting a review (is the first time I backport something) and am asking if the package could be uploaded to Jessie.

Thanks a lot,
and kind regards,


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