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Re: Fwd: jessie backport for Wordpress

Am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015, 16:41:50 schrieb Rodrigo Campos:
> > I didn´t whether they are new with the backports versions or warning that 
> > apply to the  version in unstable as well. I bet the checksum errors may
> > be  related to your backport, but I bet the copyright file related
> > warnings are something to fix in the Sid package.
> I don't see the checksum mismatch on mentors,
> http://mentors.debian.net/package/wordpress, but I do see them on my local
> machine. I tried rebuilding, just in case, and the same happens.

I have the version from your website, Rodrigo, I will try with the version 
from debian-mentors.


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