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jessie backport for Wordpress


I've uploaded to mentors a jessie backport of wordpress. It's from the version
in sid (not in testing, waiting for some other package) so it should not be
uploaded just yet. But the version in sid fixes some security issues, so I think
it's pointless to upload an unfixed version.

The wordpress support policy states that:

	"The only current officially supported version is WordPress 4.2.2.
	Previous major releases from 3.7 onwards may or may not get security
	updates as serious exploits are discovered."

See here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Supported_Versions

So, it's inevitably that the release shipped with jessie will stop to be
maintained by wordpress and backporting the patches will be needed, making it a
difficult task. This may cause some delay to fix some issues, and wordpress has
had SERIOUS security issues in the past weeks. See for example[1].

As I need the wordpress package and some updates have taken some time to come to
debian, and the wordpress support policy is limited to the last release, IMHO,
it makes sense to backport it to jessie. Also, I'd really like to have the
current wordpress version (or pretty close), so a backport seems appropriate for

I'm not a DD nor DM and it's my first time using mentors, so I apologize in
advance if something is wrong. The link to mentors is:


I've used cowbuilder to do it and run it with the "-v4.1+dfsg-1"
dpkg-buildpackage option (the version in stable) as it says here[2].

Please let me know if I should fix something or if the package is accepted.

Thanks a lot,

[1]: https://wordpress.org/news/2015/04/wordpress-4-2-1/
[2]: http://backports.debian.org/Contribute/#index6h3

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