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Uploading all of OpenStack kilo to backports

Hi all!

Just a few days after the release of OpenStack Kilo on the 30th of April 2015 (yes, just 5 days after Jessie...), all of the packages reached Sid today, with the last bit approved.

Since the DSA would like to use OpenStack Kilo for deploying and offering VMs to DDs, and because I don't feel right to use a private repository for providing Jessie backports of OpenStack, I decided to upload all of Kilo in the official Jessie backports.

What will happen, is that we're going to upload all of the packages for which the version was bumped in Sid, or which are not in Jessie at all, in this QA page:

Note this is excluding TripleO (python-os-*-config packages), Tuskar, and probably some more experimental / less used projects like Sahara, Murano and more, but mostly, we're planning to upload everything else. Basically, we want "apt-get install openstack-toaster" to install everything backported from Sid, so that a basic OpenStack Kilo cloud can be deployed using the jessie-backports repository.

That's a lot of packages, and a lot of work. But unlike maintaining all in Sid, I wont be the only one working on the backports. Zobel (from the DSA team) already started doing the backport work. So far, he rebuilt all of the python-xstatic-* files. Also, maintaining OpenStack in Debian is my full-time job, so I believe I have enough time to maintain it all (help is of course always welcome though...).

On my side, I have already uploaded a few key dependencies not directly maintained within the OpenStack packaging group (six, eventlet, and probably more in a few minutes...).


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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