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Re: kicad 0.20140622+bzr4027-3 backport to wheezy-backports?

Hi Gary,

On 03/16/2015 01:26 PM, Gary wrote:
On 10/03/15 13:32, Andrew Bradford wrote:
The dsc file is at:

The upload to mentors can be found at:

You may want to double check the changes file, the QA info on mentors
shows https://lintian.debian.org/tags/backports-changes-missing.html

I don't think Kicad has previously been back-ported, so you likely just
need to include all change log entries since the stable version. The url
above links to additional info on how to do so via the -v switch.

Thanks for taking time to review my upload!

The passing of the -v switch to dpkg-buildpackage (dpkg-genchanges) wasn't entirely clear to me from the documentation but now reading it again you are correct and I should pass in the -v switch along with the most recent stable version number.

I've done this, rebuilt, and reuploaded to the same addresses above (I hope this was the right course of action, if not, please let me know).


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