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Re: kicad 0.20140622+bzr4027-3 backport to wheezy-backports?

On 10/03/15 13:32, Andrew Bradford wrote:
> Hi Georges and backports list,
> I'd like to get kicad 0.20140622+bzr4027-3 from Jessie backported to
> wheezy-backports.  This is my first attempt at a backport, so probably
> I've done something wrong but I've tried to follow the instructions as
> best I can.  Please let me know how I can do this better!
> I believe I need a sponsor/uploader to get this uploaded into
> wheezy-backports.
> The dsc file is at:
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/k/kicad/kicad_0.20140622+bzr4027-3~bpo70+1.dsc
> The upload to mentors can be found at:
> http://mentors.debian.net/package/kicad

You may want to double check the changes file, the QA info on mentors
shows https://lintian.debian.org/tags/backports-changes-missing.html

I don't think Kicad has previously been back-ported, so you likely just
need to include all change log entries since the stable version. The url
above links to additional info on how to do so via the -v switch.


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