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Backport of squid3_3.4.8 and libecap_0.2.0

Hi backporters,

Now that both packages have reached testing, I’d like to backport them to wheezy. libecap is a dependency of squid3 > 3.3.8, so a new package is needed.

As soon as my key is added to the ACL I’ll upload the packages.

Best regards,


Luigi Gangitano -- <luigi@debian.org> -- <gangitano@lugroma3.org>
GPG: 1024D/924C0C26: 12F8 9C03 89D3 DB4A 9972  C24A F19B A618 924C 0C26
GPG: 4096R/2BA97CED: 8D48 5A35 FF1E 6EB7 90E5  0F6D 0284 F20C 2BA9 7CED

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